When you’re smilin’

Maybe you’ve read what I’ve said here so far and thought that my ideas are fanciful or strange. And that may be valid because of the terms I’m using: dimensions, realms, alter-reality, and such. I can clarify that the phenomenon that I’m referring to isn’t as inaccesible as it may sound. In fact, we’re all doing it all the time. Simple actions like walking to a different room, playing a particular piece of music, fasting, eating, or meditating can alter the frequency we are attuned to.

These activities may seem commonplace, but they are accomplishing exactly what I mean. The common way to say it may be that you’re changing the ‘mood’ or the ‘vibe’ and those are fine ways to convey what we’re experiencing. But the more accurate choice, I think, is the ‘vibe.’ Our cohort of human beings is becoming more aware together through scientific and personal observation that matter is energy in motion, including our bodies. That our attitudes and actions can affect they way the world interacts back with us. The things we do and say bounce back in our direction. I’m reminded of the classic song by Frank Sinatra:

When you’re smilin’, when you’re smilin’
The whole world smiles with you
When you’re laughin’, when you’re laughin’
The sun comes shinin’ through

But when you’re cryin’, you bring on the rain
So stop that cryin’, be happy again
Keep on smilin’, ’cause when you’re smilin’
The whole world smiles with you

This is a realization that musicians often make. The vibrations the audience hears sets the mood, and that mood spreads to everyone in the room. We see it in other places like the dinner table, the office, the classroom; vibrations are infectious. Sing a sad song, and the one who hears you may cry, and so on. It’s the words we speak, our tone of voice, the special key, or the combination of note intervals we use that can, as they used to say in Frank Sinatra’s time, “send you.”

So, consider what vibrations you are exposed to each day. Do you engage with pundits who like to beat the war drum? Or do you prefer the sweet birdsong outside the window? They exist together, but you have the ability to focus on one or the other. You can attune to one of them and it’s your choice.

Something about vibrations is that they seek harmony. Frequencies of the same wavelength, or that are divisible by the same wavelength align with and re-enforce eachother, and the ripple could become a great wave. Which wave do you want to ride?

Have you ever passed a group of people, within feet or inches that seemed a thousand miles away? Some indistinguishible barrier is between you and them. As though they are in a different world completely, yet, they’re right there? We’ve all experienced it, I think. We encounter people that seem different in some unexplainable way. What’s going on there? They are on a different frequency. Not better or worse. Just a different wavelength. Have a conversation with them, and obvious truths might come into question. Definite observations come under scrutiny. We can’t believe that they see things that way. Disagreement. Unpleasant.

What to do? As I’ve been edging toward, you have a choice to make. A threefold choice. Each of these three options are valid and acceptable ways to deal with the dissonance of encounters with unfamiliar frequency. You can (1) tune to their frequency. Adopt their ways, accept their perspective, and choose to share it. A fine thing to do if it feels right. If it doesn’t feel right, that’s ok. You could also (2) disengage from them. In effect doing what I’ve been talking about. Leave the realm where you encountered these beings. There are ‘realms’ everywhere. They are rooms. They are courts. They are mountains. They are valleys. They are oceans, and planets. We have ways to close the door. We can do this physically, and there are others ways, using the supernatural ability that we all have to project ourselves into an infinite variety of psychic destinations, the portal itself sitting somewhere in the center of your head. More on that later maybe. There is a third option, that I don’t recommend. Let’s call it (3) “the clash” option. You have your frequency. They have theirs, maybe the vibes aren’t changing on either side, so we feel the dissonance. The pain of disagreement. The psychosis of competing realities. Both very real, but unaligned. You can lean in to that dissonant chord. It’s the most painful way to do deal with the things that seem ‘wrong’ but the option is there.

We don’t need to change them. We either align with them, or teleport. The clash brings the war. And, well, I know I don’t want that. Sometimes, I know, it appears that something must be done. We have to stop the bad vibes before they infect us all. That can happen too; I’m not naive to the fact that negative vibrations are just as infectious as the good ones. I’ve emitted some powerful negative vibes myself, eh? But the beauty of the truth is that we have the choice to change it at any time. Sometimes a big group gets into a negative harmony with one another. They may all end up going and jumping off a cliff together. Now that may be a beautiful way to end this dream, together with the others. But I want to encourage all to make this choice consciously, not just blindly, or shall we say, deafly, following the vibrations. If we want to choose life, and happiness, then “smile.”

And the whole world smiles with you.

To be continued.