Inter-dimensional phase shifting not bad for the environment, study says.

Now that I’ve said you can change reality by conserving your attention, I’ve thought of a few challanges to that assertion which I will defend. Not only will I defend that the ability of the mind to teleport among various realms is a real one, but that it is ethical and right to make use of that ability.

I’ll make this simple. A popular opinion is that one must not hide from reality burying their head in sand like the complacent ostrich. Psychology has postulated and demonstrated a long list of ways we hide the truth from ourselves to our own detriment. Most of us have heard that it is the truth that sets us free.

Knowing and agreeing with these, why would I recommend altering reality, and in such a passive manner as simply not paying attention to it? Would that be irresponsible? I’ll answer.

The substrate of our existence is nothingness, in a similar way that beneath every painting is a blank surface of pure potential. Above every painted image lies the same potential for creation with the first step being an act of destruction.

I don’t think I’m taking a great risk by saying that most of us are seeing things in the world that we don’t like. I’m not going to enumerate them, you know what yours are. It’s a different mix for everyone but for each person, our complaints can be divided into two categories: those which we have the power to influence, and those we don’t. Here, I make a bold assertion, that for all of us, the things that we can easily influence in our lives are the most important. Daily habits, the way we choose to interact with others, how we direct our efforts. Local things that our awareness touches every day. We can make big improvements to our experience by focusing here and taking real action. And I’ll emphasize focusing the attention where it matters, not simply looking away from the disappointments. It is your focused awareness that puts you in touch with the interface you have to navigate to where you want to go inter-dimensionally.

The picture of our lives has been sketched, etched, inked, printed and bound in heavy volumes by others. If it was as simple as a painting it would be easy to make that first destructive brush stroke, changing the world. A better comparison would be to a library full of opinions, studies, theories, hypotheses, well respected and desperate attempts to articulate what is real–mostly contradictory. It’s impossible to sincerely contemplate it all. And that library of choas has formed the basis for our laws, our wars, our crimes, and thefts. They are not easily erased.

Did you notice I said “our” laws, wars, crimes, and thefts? That’s a problem and I did it to illustrate a point. There is a tendency among people to generalize human experience and action. We group entire planetary cohorts by segments of time and attribute the most major events and attitudes from those times to groups that could be loosely identified with some that exist today. This generates a lot of predetermination in the roles we play in society. While the zeitgeist gradually transforms, most people stay caught in pools of old thinking during their individual lives. The weight of all this history and philosophy forces us into lifestyles, attitudes, and potentials that are constraining. The guilt and victimhood, the blatant manipulation, the weight of this world, all would be rightly ignored by any of us. Because the people who created those worlds are dead. And though they’ve been erased, they worked hard to make their world seem very permanent. But they were no better or worse than us. They were identical. We are in the same empty universe they were in with the same potential.

We are constrained by the present thinking of others as well as the past. The people on TV that want your support, your votes, your minds, and your lives are already just as dead as the Pharaohs. They’re already gone. The war isn’t really real and neither is the government. If they are, it’s the belief in them that makes them so for the believer. We are all only imagining nations, races, jobs, and championship titles. Clocks, time zones, and saving daylight are pure fantasy. Every genus and species you’ve ever heard of is an abstraction with little actual relation to the beings they represent, because they focus on the body only, ignoring the mind.

Each of us are intensely powerful in a way that doesn’t make it to the mainstream discussion very often. But, if you want the bad things to go away. The evil and it’s power. Look away. Even though you’ve been taught that you’re insignificant, and your ideas don’t matter. They do. You’ve been told that you’re guilty, that you must take responsibility for the past. I disagree. Look away. You can make it disappear by removing your attention.

I still didn’t get to the part about actually getting to the cool realms. But getting out of the dysfunctional one is so important so I’m going to publish this and follow up later.