My personal routine is about to change. For nearly a year, I’ve worked as a barista in a coffee shop. I have thrived there, and came to enjoy customer service for it’s structure and personal contact with the public. Time spent, and I’ve remembered my appreciation for work that is done away from the open front door.

Now, I’m beginning a role as an interactive designer with a company that manages and distributes digital advertising (so is my current understanding of what this company does). I’m excited, and very grateful these people saw value in the portfolio and experience I have shown. Intrinsic to their industry, and the company’s specific offering, is the demonstration of results. I intend to approach this work with as much sincerity and diligence as I can summon.

Prior to my time at the coffee shop, I had fulfilled the office worker’s fantasy of throwing the tie out the window and hitting the road. Aloft with the necktie were a significant revenue stream, professional momentum, and a sense of purpose. I have been making a gradual comeback, beginning with coffee and a few refresher courses in design and production. Re-entering an established creative space is a significant milestone for me on that path.

Part of my strategy to make this endeavor a sustainable one is to remain a barista on weekends; steaming lattes, mopping the floor, facing people and serving them. I believe that will keep me feeling humble and appreciative of both employers. The two jobs are so different, I believe I’ll alternatingly look forward to work on Mondays and Saturdays.