A treatise for limitation

There is a lot of discussion in metaphysical literature about surpassing the limits, and in fact denying that the limits exist. Going beyond literature there are even practitioners of these ideas who can prove anecdotally that it works. Ignoring the perception of barriers can actually accomplish the desired effect of eradicating them. I agree with this.

Then why say publicly that “I have limits”?

Because. It isn’t that the limits are imposed on me by outside unwanted factors. It is that I ‘have’ limits that I now put in place myself. The limits are actually there to limit you, the other, from taking control of my efforts, my energy, and my reason for being. I direct myself as a free agent, and my creative powers are fully under my own control.

And this is how we can all achieve maximum freedom through limitation. These could also rightly be called personal and professional boundaries–putting the self at the center as the locus of control. Much as relativity defines laws of physics that take effect everywhere in the universe, the truth of self agency can be applied by anyone with the will to do it for themselves. I believe anyone can accomplish this but I have a special interest in accomplishing it myself. And the key here being that I take interest in accomplishing that which is in the realm of my interest, not yours. Therefore whatever your interest is that seems to be the most important, cutting edge, or premier pursuit is in the majority of instances not the same as mine. The ‘instances’ are all you other people around the planet doing what you think is most important. I trust you to do it, and to achieve it well and healthily–but I’ll be here doing mine. With happiness, contentment, and fully in my own way.

What this means is that my ability to work can no longer be harnessed by others with conflicting goals and ideas. Only those that harmonize will even be considered. Even then I might still say no. Coupled in my NO is also a cheerful wish for your success, but without my fingers on your buttons and levers, as I have my own that require my full attention at all times.