On freedom of thought, and our guarded opinions

The best journalists know that readers are primarily interested in themselves, not the writer. Worthwhile topics are in the public interest and writing should inform, teach, and state opinions. It’s the opinions that get divisive, and for most non-professional writers, sharing them can come into conflict with our key concern: employment.

A person who becomes ingrained as a worker in the wage-for-labor model carefully guards their opinions, because our world has attached agreement with our employers, and their customers, to an otherwise simple transaction. In some cases a particular opinion becomes the widely accepted correct one that leaves individuals on both sides of the HR desk pretending to agree with that one. Because wages, sales, awards, profits, and the holy Brand depend on the perception that the company, and its employees are with it, whatever it is.

We have let ourselves slip into the scenario where freedom of thought and expression are hampered by Capital. So the executive keeps equally quiet on the topic of his own thoughts as the employee.

This is strikingly true in the case of the executive of the United States government, whose current political stance on abortion rights comes into conflict with his religion’s official doctrine—a very public example of the tension between personal belief, or a politically expedient one, and the one he is expected to share with his group. As members of multiple groups, we all share in this tension.

I think the only way out is to state our ideas honestly before the contradictions of our various groups make hypocrites of us all.

Nucleus Intro


My latest home record, titled by date. Many more at https://soundcloud.com/regularhands/ . Enjoy!


You want your AE projects to render faster, so you amp up your disk cache allocation. That speeds things up, but now your disk is actually filling up with all that cache, creating a new problem.

You can just delete your disk cache in After Effects preferences UI, or go to ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/’After Effects’/16.0/ (16.0, or whatever version of AE you’re actually using) and delete it there. These both take several steps. And I want to save you some steps. So I made this script called kachekleaner that gets in there and deletes your after effects disk cache.

I put scripts like this on my OSX Dock, and they run with a single click. You really only want to clear that cache in between projects, and not during one. It won’t hurt anything, you would just have to re-render your un-cached project if you wanted to preview it again.

For clarity and quality control, this is the actual one line script, which is also attached in the zip. If the file is not ‘Unix Executable’ on your device, change it’s permissions to 755:

# kachekleaner

rm -r ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/'After Effects'/16.0/*

Click here to download the script.



I’ve finally arranged my image shuffling script into a form that can be downloaded and used by others. It is dependent on fancybox and jquery in it’s current form, while the fancybox functionality could be easily removed by removing those libraries from the directory. The rest of the code is my own. If you click on the “Graphics” button on this site, or any of the subcategories there, you can see how it works. It takes a list of images and properties and reorders them on every page reload.

You can also view a generic version of the script in action here. I’ve packaged that version, with sample images from Death To Stock in a .zip, and you can have it for free under an MIT licence by downloading from Github.com here.

This whole idea and project is finally, truly complete, and that feels good.

Media 46 TV Production

I just finished Media 46 TV Production at Santa Monica College. Someone snapped this photo of me with a nineties era 35mm camera about four weeks in. We shot a lot of college basketball, a puppet show, and a few talk shows. I was kind of hoping to get a TV job after this, so I need to actually apply for one. If I have, and you’re here for that reason, I can operate a camera, video switcher, mics/audio, lights. I am not intimidated by large quantities of cable, and I have excellent color acuity.

phillip in the control booth
Phillip in the control room directing “Exotic Puppet Pets.”


I had a blog going here.

I decided to change my permalinks to the kind with descriptive urls, instead of query strings. I’m reluctant to dig into the task of redirecting every post or messing with the old database, so I’ll just start again today and progress into the future.

A summary of what was here before:

• I didn’t know where to specifically direct my efforts professionally.

• I talked about this website. It’s a fancybox gallery and a wordpress sharing a theme that I wrote. It’s really a heavily edited version of Kubrick. I got really excited about randomizing the order of divs in my homepage at one point.

• There were photos, that are mostly also on instagram. I’m @ohokphil there.

• The best part was the music. I embedded a lot of tracks from my soundcloud. They are original compositions, self produced, and I’m proud of them. My name there is Regularhands.

What will come of this space, I hope, is something more truthful; at least honest, if inaccurate. The freedom of thought and speech I now enjoy is a well of power.