What cannabis does to your ch’i

Ch’i is the flow of electricity through living things. Tai Chi is the practice of moving in harmony with ch’i and wielding it–it’s purpose is to let ch’i flow without tension. Organic Chemistry is the study of the movement of electrons in the molecules of our cells. These two relate. The actions of neurotransmitters are the flow of ch’i in the brain. Marijuana’s thc (C21H30O2) occupies receptors in the brain that would otherwise be a channel for that flow. Blocking anandamide (C22H37NO2) from a cannabinoid receptor with thc can easily create a perceived dependency as it does a similar yet incomplete thing.

It wears off, anandamide levels depleted, reuse, vicious circle.

While thc might feel ‘essential’ that is because it is preventing the flow of anandamide and substituting for it. In a few days without it, the ch’i can flow, the electrical impulses traveling healthily through the synapses of the brain and everywhere else. Just a few more days and thc may begin to seem incredibly undesirable.

How to flush the present thc right now and get the ch’i flowing asap: exercise, move the body, metabolize, breathe. Movement will do that while also stimulating anandamide and all the other necessary neurotransmitters that we create ourselves by metabolizing ch’i. Movement makes the body visually and practically stronger and opens the path for ch’i, making you feel great.

Requisite caveat: cbd has been found to increase anandamide production rather than deplete it. But free movement and breathe does better.

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