October 2018

I’ve been spending most days in Santa Monica, designing ads at Tremor Video DSP, and doing coursework at SMC. This summer I was convinced to join Promo Pathway and have just finished the first round of classes. I’m starting new coursework in editing, writing, and producing today.

This month, I decided to get distribution with DistroKid and have exactly one song available on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Would like to make more time for writing and recording.

I quit selling coffee. I did not quit drinking it.

Getting ready to VOTE by mail here in the next few days. I am definitely in the research phase, that I need to speed up. Generally it looks like we have an opportunity to update rent control here in California with Prop 10, and that seems important. It will probably be too late to save me, but it is a problem that needs attention.

I have a respectable Halloween costume lined up, really just a mask combination, but it works with my usual attire.