Oh, Ok


I’ve been operating my company “OHOK” for years. I started out offering graphic design services, and by the time I built the current version of ohokcreative.com this year, I had it in mind to become a video production and effects house. But something fundamental has developed in my mind (and “OHOK” is simply an extension of my mind into the professional world):

I’m no longer aiming to do work for clients at all. The times that I’ve done it, my work ended up derivative of the ideas of others, and those ideas were always geared toward a product or service that I had very little or no influence over. There was always an inordinate amount of effort involved with securing client work in the first place. I have been in a dark state where I lacked credibility, or any outlet to gain it, especially with regard to film making in any capacity. I’ve realized the path to credibility and good work in general is independence, without allowing the pursuit of capital to take my work so far off it’s natural course.

I’ve alleviated my need for capital dramatically. I live outdoors and I no longer rent office space. My means of production are compact: they are a few stringed musical instruments, drawing tools, and some portable digital peripherals. I have every intention to apply myself to art, music, and film making. I’m confident I can make something good independently.

The name “OHOK” represents the realization that it’s time to do my own work rather than dedicate myself to marketing, packaging and promoting the works of others. I can’t become a full anarchist in an undeniably capitalist society, so eventually I will attempt to sell something, but it will be something worth sharing, and it’s presentation will not be dictated to me.


I was thinking a lot about Ishtar and the way she is sometimes depected with serpents. And I’ve really been thinking about serpents. So here is a version of Ishtar for you.


planetari from Oh Ok Creative on Vimeo.

Man of Constant Sorrow

I recorded Man of Constant Sorrow on this here guitar, and added a mandolin over it. Its not perfect, I sing the Colorado line way too many times but overall I decided it was a worthy upload. The mando really picks up in the second half of the track so I hope you’ll listen that far.

Man of Constant Sorrow from Oh Ok Creative on Vimeo.


New Record – 170318

Recorded in Yucca Valley, CA.
Alesis V25: Phillip Yniguez

Random frame from current video work


Yucca Valley




Recorded in 2013
Guitars: Phillip